Women in Science aims at contributing to the building of a scientific citizenship for all, women and men. It foresees the organization of a mix of interconnected initiatives designed for a wide and diverse audience. The main objective is to promote higher awareness about the role and participation of women in Science and Technologies, providing visibility to the existing perspective in this area, encouraging  women’s presence and  supporting their growth so as to reduce the existing gender gap.

Women in Science is launching a survey open to everybody, women and men, regardless education and employment who carry out scientific activities in the public or private sector, in companies, universities and  or research institutes. The objective of the survey is to collect and measure subjective perception and awareness regarding both the gender balance in science and technology and the enhancement of women’s presence and role.

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Questionnaire by Gabriella Taddeo, Gianna Martinengo, Maria Rita Fiasco; scientific supervision by Chiara Volpato

    How many people in your dept./Institute

    You see your role in your team as

    How often are you invited to participate in public event or conferences as a speaker?

    Have you ever participed in speakers table made of women only?

    Have you ever participed in speakers table made of men only?

    If yes, did you find it unusual?

    In the table speakers you are or you have been part of, usually there were

    In your team the most difficult and demanding scientific tasks are assigned to

    In your opinion, do women find it more difficolt to keep pace with the work load?

    If “YES” for what reason?
    (choose max 3 items)

    Considering equal labour skills and abilities, who do you prefer to work with?

    In the career paths, worth and merit are not always recognized. In your experience, have you ever been disappointed in your expectations?

    If you ever experienced not having your work or someone else’s recognized, this concerned

    In your opinion, do the requirements needed to advance in your career, penalise women?

    In your area, dept or institute are there tasks and assignments that are preferably given to women rather that men?

    Project budget management is usually given as a responsibility to